Get real business value in a fraction of the time

If you need to move quickly, the Growth Driven Design process is for you. Growth Driven Design is a process to develop and launch sites in 30-45 days and grow based on real data and real user feedback. Knowledge is gained through analysis after each short iteration. This allows the site to be built in a way that responds to user feedback rather than emotion or unproven use cases. In return, your business receives real value sooner and the value grows with each iteration along the way.

Traditional Web Design vs Growth Driven Design  


Traditional Web Design

In contrast, traditional web design typically takes several months or longer before a site is ready to launch. All the planning and design, though based on research and analysis, can mean little by the launch date. Additionally, the business receives no business value until the website launches. At 50% or more through the timeline, there is often little to show for months of work.

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