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May 10, 2018
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Minds of MINDSCAPE - 6 Tips for Designing a Click - Worthy CTA

by Ashley Daniels

In our video blog series, Minds of MINDSCAPE, a member of our team will share a few words of wisdom about their particular area of expertise. more

January 25, 2018
A UX Lesson

A UX Lesson with Trucks: GMC vs Ford

by Paul Ferrier

How do you impress a GMC truck owner? Have them drive a Ford. Ah, the classic brand rivalry that’s as good as any.more

December 20, 2017

4 Must-Try Website Design Trends for 2018

by Ashley Daniels

The year is drawing to a close. You know what that means? The "best of 2017 " and "things to look for in 2018" lists are here! No matter your area of interest, there is a list for it: movies,travel, or web design (which is of course is one of our favorite topics here at MINDSCAPE). I asked our Senior UI/UX designers what they believe will be some of the biggest website design trends of 2018.more

December 5, 2017

"Please, for the Love of God, Stop Using Page Builders!" -  A Developer's Plea

by Matt Brand

I get it. Your website is due for an update. You've spent weeks, maybe months, designing what you'd consider the best web design to ever bless the internet. You want to share this design with the world and have them bask in its eternal glory. The problem is, you don’t know how to code.more

November 7, 2017
6 Tips for Designing a Click-Worthy CTA.png?noresize

6 Tips for Designing a Click-Worthy CTA

by Mark Swanson

One of the key aspects of developing a good UX ( AKA user experience) on a website is outlining clear user paths (the series of pages that site visitors are most likely to view based on their needs and interests). One way to move people down a particular path, and forward in their buying journey, is with a well crafted CTA.more

October 16, 2017

Why You Should be Using Heat Maps

by Ashley Daniels

Have you ever wondered what exactly people are looking when they visit your website? Or perhaps where they are clicking? Or if they are scrolling all the way to the bottom of a web page? If you've wondered any of these things, you might want to spend some time looking at heat maps of your web pages. more

September 21, 2017
Paid Web Fonts & Your Brand.png?noresize

Paid Web Fonts & Your Brand

by Ashley Daniels

One of the key elements of a brand are the fonts used in your print and marketing materials. Which makes sense because they are the thing that presents one of the most important things in your materials, the copy. I would be willing to bet you’ve probably spent a lot of time searching for and selecting the font that you feel best represents your brand and your message.more

August 29, 2017

Design Trend Alert - Big, Bold Typography

by Mark Swanson

Content is king. Websites should be designed to deliver content, not merely serve as pretty wrappers to drop content into. With this growing emphasis on content it’s no surprise that typography plays a major role in the user experience and is arguably the most important design element of your site. Great typography not only looks good, but is highly functional.more

August 17, 2017
Your brand can and should evolve over time.

3 reasons your branding should evolve.

by Stephan Hokanson

The case for evolution: why evolving your brand is better than blowing it up. Re-branding can be fun. But it’s not fun like jogging with a weiner dog, it’s fun like being wide open on a Ducati 959 Panegali. That is to say, it’s a bit terrifying, and if something goes wrong, there are going to be serious consequences. Which is why I’d like to suggest a *different* approach. Instead of completely transforming everything about your brand like Shazam, allow your brand identity to change slowly and gradually in relationship to its environment.more

April 12, 2017

4 Trends in College Website Design and Content

by Ashley Daniels

The days where your college website could skate by on pure information and a design comparable to that of a hotel lobby brochure are long gone. You need a little more to make your website unique and appealing to the wide variety of people who visit it (alumni, current students, parents and especially prospective students). There are a plethora of website designs and content trends that you can experiment with to  set your school’s website apart.more

January 25, 2017

You might need a website redesign if…

by Stephan Hokanson

  A website redesign is like any big project: it gets put off until it becomes absolutely necessary. Here are a few (light-hearted) ways to tell that it's time.more

November 30, 2016

3 Elements You NEED for a Successful Email Campaign

by Ashley Daniels


November 23, 2016

3 Rules for Better Web Forms

by Stephan Hokanson


November 14, 2016

No Picasso here. Getting real digital marketing results.

by Paul Ferrier


April 6, 2016

Why Your Website's Photography Really, Really Matters

by Mark Swanson

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a really bad picture may be worth 10,000.   Photography really matters. Probably even more than you think.   The quality of the photography on your website directly relates to the perceived quality of your business. This means you could have the greatest product in the world, but if the photography is bad, people are also going to think the product is bad.  more

March 28, 2016

Is Your Website Ever Really Dead?

by Pete Brand

I first became involved in website and application development 17 years ago, when it was a fledgling concept with very few rules or established best practices. Back then, the only thing marketers felt they needed was an “online brochure” that covered who they were, what products and services they offered, and provided contact information just in case someone was interested in calling or emailing.more

March 23, 2016

The Death of the Slider

by Mark Swanson

  Sliders, Rotators and Carousels. It doesn't really matter what you call them, but chances are, you know what I'm talking about. (and in case you don't it's the thing at the top of the website that cycles, usually unrelated, text and images). And it’s also quite possible that you think no website is complete without one. But you're wrong! I'm going to take the next several minutes to dispel that myth and hopefully, put these ancient artifacts of the web to bed once and for all.   You can call them whatever you want, but for the sake of this article, I’m just going to call them sliders. They’re a staple of the website of yesteryear. They're that old friend at the party (usually me) who's long overstayed their welcome. The problem is, a lot of people still think that guy's the life of the party, when in reality, he needs to be kicked out  and never invited back.   At MINDSCAPE, we deal with modern websites on a daily basis. We create them and we look to them as a source of inspiration. The problem is, if you're not actively seeking them out, a truly modern website is still hard to come by.   The thing is, most websites were last redesigned years ago, so while they’re using outdated techniques, we still see sliders everywhere. And since we see them everywhere, we just assume we need one on our site.  more

December 21, 2015

Inbound Marketing Predictions for 2016


What predictions do you have for inbound marketing in 2016? With 2016 on the horizon, that's the question we asked the MINDSCAPE team. Read on to find out what some of the team is predicting.more

December 10, 2015

5 Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to Your B2B Marketing

by Ashley Daniels

The holiday season is upon us, so the web is filled with festive marketing campaigns and holiday themed content. If you’re thinking holiday marketing is only for B2C organizations, you’re wrong!more

December 3, 2015

Can your Landing Page pass the Blink Test?

by Mark Swanson

5 Tips to Make your Landing Pages really take offmore

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