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UX Fail: Jimmy John's New Site

There are two things we do a lot of here at MINDSCAPE. One is user experience (UX) design. The other is order Jimmy John’s. JJ’s is easily a team favorite, often with JJ branded cyclists making the trip to our office several times a day.

After many years, they finally revamped their site. Along with their new look, they also created a new online ordering process.

I love their new design. Actually, I love all their marketing. But there’s a minor issue with their “Repeat This Order” feature that would be super simple to correct, and here it is:


Allowing the customer to repeat an order and automatically displaying their previous two orders automatically is awesome. But do you see the issue?

What's the order?

I don't remember the difference between the $11 order and the $10 order, so as a user, I am required to make some unnecessary clicks to find out.

Instead of focusing on the order, they are focusing on the delivery. Where it was delivered is irrelevant based on my user intent. I am repeating an order, so tell me what that order was. I will be able to set my delivery information later.

Another thing that's provided that’s not important is the order date. Does it matter if I ordered it 2 weeks ago or 2 months ago? Nope, I just want the right food.

Here’s what it would look like based on my suggestion:


As a user, I am confident that when I click on “REPEAT THIS ORDER” that I am getting the food I want.

When it comes to UX design, being as clear as possible is key.

JJ’s, I still love you.

I hope this helps.

- Paul

Topics: Design, Odds and Ends

Paul Ferrier

Written by Paul Ferrier

As MINDSCAPE's Co-Founder + Chief Strategy Officer, Paul has a passion for helping organizations get the most out of their digital marketing to achieve their business goals. He helps generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually for local, national, and global clients. When he’s not working, he enjoys being on the river with his family and friends, most notably his wife and son.

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